Easy Brews Beer Festival

We are extremely excited to announce the first annual Easy Brews Beer Festival! Join us June 4th at the Arapahoe County Fair Grounds in Aurora, CO for a summer afternoon of beer, food and entertainment! In partnership with the Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation, our goal for this event is to raise awareness and funds for people with hemophilia around Colorado.

NHF, a certified 501(c)3, is currently the only organization in Colorado that focuses on offering support to those with blood diseases. NHF has numerous resources as well as many incredible programs available, such as Backpacks & Bleeders which helps get people with hemophilia and other blood diseases outside to safely partake in hiking, mountain climbing and other outdoor adventures that our great state of Colorado has to offer.

Join us in helping an incredible cause all while enjoying an event full of beer, food and music. Tickets go on sale February 23rd.

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Happy New Year! Let's Embrace Change.


The New Year is all about setting goals, starting new habits and making changes. Change for many can be difficult; however, as Socrates so eloquently states, focusing on the old is no way to go about change. As we work through the first Monday of the year, let's embrace change together and make room for the new. 2017 here we come!

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Building Brand Community

“Community” can describe your family, your neighborhood, your cultural traditions, and even those to whom you feel the most connected. For us, in all the ways it is defined, community is an integral part of brand. Our company goal is to create opportunities and identify who or what community is for you and then develop strategies to engage and integrate that community into your own brand narrative. For a brand, we believe strengthening the intimate relationship with consumers, followers and/or participants will build a foundation of loyal ambassadors and eventually lead to the growth of the coveted brand community.

A prevalent, engaged brand community is the ultimate asset to your growth and success. Through shared values and goals, you build strong, emotional connections with your consumers and followers to give them a place to belong, the opportunity to participate in something shareable and ultimately provide an important role in impacting their community.

We believe there’s no better source of growth and innovation than a passionate brand community. Participants become ambassadors and ambassadors have the power to affect the decisions of their friends, family and others within that community. So ask yourself - do you know your community and do they know you?

How can you spread the word and engage them? Our answer? Brand narrative - your story, your personality, and your message - which outlines both your history and your future goals. Use your brand narrative to define who you are, differentiate yourself from others and create energized ambassadors..

Once you have identified your audience and finalized your brand narrative you can develop and nurture your brand community. We suggest you do this by reviewing your message often to ensure it carries the proper meaning to the right audience and building your brand personality through shareable activation of your values. Remember - a brand community exists to not only serve your business; but also to serve the people in it.

A thriving brand community will help you to retain your best and most loyal customers and participants, while connecting you to new ones, assist you in gathering important information, and offer insight into ways you can improve your other marketing and communication efforts.

Building Brand Community - Getting Started:

  • Focus on your community’s needs and be sure you’re creatively meeting them.

  • Develop your brand personality so that it is thoughtful and inclusive of your audience.

  • Build peer-to-peer communication into your process so that participants become ambassadors.

  • Ensure your brand narrative is simple and shareable.