Mike Mauer


Mike's focus on disciplined, data-driven digital marketing strategies has helped fuel the growth of award-winning brands for nearly a decade.  The current co-founder of The Daily Organic, a popular free Cannabis newsletter, his past work helped lead the explosive growth (and sell out) of the 2016 CMA's Festival of the Year: Tortuga Music Festival.  A bottom-line driven, analytical strategy also helped earned him recognition as "Most Data-Driven Marketer" at the national FlyCon conference.

As an avid tech-geek, Mike developed close ties across Silicon Valley, partnering on projects with Pandora, Facebook, Ticketfly, Google, Eventbrite and many others.  

At RootedSpace, Mike leads the digital charge, ensuring strategies are effective, cutting edge and compliant.  With deep knowledge in SEO, PPC, CRM, HTML/CSS/JS, UX, CRO, GA and all the fun acronyms, Mike's expert blend of tactics, tools and strategy ensures marketing campaigns are driving results.


When not geeking out over the latest Facebook algorithm change, he spends his time fixing up his new home, cuddling with his dog, and reading over-the-top Game of Thrones fan theories on Reddit.  He also loves traveling, cooking, and complaining about how he doesn't have as much time to play guitar as he'd like to.

Want to ask Mike about the crazy time he spent touring with a band across Pakistan? Reach out at mike@rootedspace.com

Favorite Chord: Gmaj7

Favorite Strain: Purple Urkle

Favorite Milk Shake: Mint Chocolate Chip